How Often Should You Replace the Tires on Your Ford Truck?

You can have the nicest truck in the world, and it won't do you a lick of good if it doesn't have tires. One of the most common questions that many drivers have, in turn, is how often they should exchange their current tires for new ones.

The answer can vary. As a general rule of thumb, a brand-new set of tires should last you at least 25,000, and can even last up to 50,000.

What determines that number? The biggest thing that affects the performance of your tires is where and how you choose to drive your car. If you drive a truck like the Ford F-150 and only take it on smooth, well-paved roads, you'll probably enjoy a longer tire life. If, however, you're going off-road or regularly drive on rough roads, your tire's life expectancy will drop.

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What you do with your truck can also make a big difference for the life of your tires. If you're regularly towing heavy things or hauling heavy loads, the added stress of that will wear your tires down faster.

The most important thing to remember though? Every truck is different. If you want more precise information about your specific truck, your vehicle owner's manual should be able to tell you more.

And if you want even more info after that? Give us a call at Fairway Ford in Placentia, FL. Not only can our dealership answer the questions you have about tires, we can also tell you about the options available in our inventory of new Ford vehicles. We have some of the best trucks on the road waiting at our dealership.

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