Redesigned 2020 Ford Escape Will Feel Perfect for Orange County Drivers

A new look to a Ford classic will seem right at home in your garage, whether it resides in Corona or Fullerton. The 2020 Ford Escape has gone through a complete redesign for the new year. Fairway Ford in Placentia wants to re-introduce you to the latest version of Ford's iconic SUV.

So, what can you expect in the new version of the Ford Escape? Lots. But let's start with the body. The frame for the Escape is now longer, wider and lower to the ground to give you the feeling you're driving a high-performance sports car, even though you're clearly behind the wheel of one of the best SUVs around. The body is also about 200 pounds lighter, with the integration of high-strength steel frame. These changes are sure to bring you even greater fuel efficiency.

Next up, the power. After a short hiatus, the Ford Escape is back with two new impressive Hybrid engines. The first hybrid engine pairs a 2.5-liter Atkinson-Cycle inline four with a electric motor and a 1.1 kwh lithium-ion battery pack. It is expected to provide about 198 horsepower for your drives around Anaheim. The battery pack is stored underneath your Escape, so you have more room for those souvenirs from the Magic Kingdom in the back. The second is a straight Hybrid, electronically controlled continuously variable transmission with an 88-kW electric motor. The batter is about one-third the size of the original hybrid battery in the Escape. This engine should get you about 209 horses as you charge through Orange County.

For the prices you pay in gasoline in and around Placentia and Fullerton, the Hybrid options from Fairway Ford make perfect sense. You'll save at the pump and you'll get even farther into your commute before needing to recharge. Best of all, you don't sacrifice any of the splendid handling and smooth control you get from the gas powertrain versions of the Ford Escape.

With its spacious interior, six different trim levels and new options for power sources, the 2020 Ford Escape makes the perfect SUV for Orange County drivers. There is even more of the 2020 Ford Escape to discover, but you'll have to get to Placentia and take a test drive at Fairway Ford. You may not drive away in a new Ford Escape, but you won't leave disappointed.

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