Ford Explorer Continues to Impress in Placentia

When it comes to finding a SUV that has all your bases covered, the Ford Explorer certainly ranks highly in that regard. For many years it's proven to be a top SUV for those in Placentia and beyond, and here at Fairway Ford you can not only discover all it has to offer, but see how it does against rival SUVs, as well.


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Ford Trucks Give Placentia Drivers Standout Experience


It should be no surprise to anyone that Ford trucks represent toughness, durability and plenty of other positive attributes here in Placentia, and beyond. That's why when you're in need of a new truck to get the job done for you, stopping in to see us here at Fairway Ford gives you the chance to explore all our options and find the right one for you!


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The Ford F-150 is America's best-selling pick-up for a reason

The Ford F-150 has been deemed America's Best-Selling pick-up truck, and we can understand why here at Fairway Ford. The F-150 is ready and available to lease or buy for drivers around Placentia, CA and beyond.


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The Ford F-150 is the perfect heavy-duty pick-up truck for drivers who want a memorable and effective performance as well as capability and comfort.

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